Cours de Guérison Énergétique d’Aura et Chakras

Souhaitez devenir guérisseur énergétique des aura et chakras et magnétiseur, venez suivre et intégrer le contenu de ce cours ?

I offer you 5 Courses and Meditation sessions.





Voulez-vous avoir un impact sur la vie des autres? Ces cours vous donneront les clefs pour y arriver en vous apprenant à faire des guérisons énergétiques. Cours en présentiel et en ligne via Skype : Dénia, Costa Blanca, Alicante, Valence et Londres.

Je me déplace également pour des cours privés et personnalisés.


Cours sur « Le Pouvoir des Chakras et la technique de Méditation pour vous ancrer énergétiquement, équilibrer vos chakras et changer votre énergie » .


Formation de guérison énergétique des chakras et de l’aura avec initiation aux « Maîtres/Guides de guérison élémentaire » – Niveau 1


Guérison des chakras et de l’aura – magnétisme et imposition des mains. Initiation aux Guides Chirurgiens Psychiques. Niveau 2


Guérison des Chakras, Aura, Magnétisme et Imposition des Mains. Initiation aux Guides/Maîtres de Guérison Énergétiques Universels – Niveau 3


Maître en Guérison Énergétique de Chakras et Aura. Magnétisme et imposition des mains – Niveau 4 MAITRE




Le livre ci-dessous sur les chakras est disponible en anglais et en portugais sur Amazon.

The Secret Power Chakras Reavealed AMAZON


What is the difference between your Course Carmel and the other courses out there?

The difference is that I integrate knowledge from different disciplines and I combine them all in the courses. I link Chakra Healing, Aura Healing, Meditation, The power of the colours in Healing, Grounding techniques and initiation to Spiritual beings. When healing you do not use your energy as you have the protection of the Spiritual Healing Masters that you are attuned to. You learn how to deal with each unbalance you find.

You wont find this course any where else as this cour is taken from the many customer experiences I have had as well as the different disciplines I studied and investigated. This course finishes by revealing the secrets of an integrated Energy Healing method.

Why should i choose your Energy Healing Method?

You will be independent and self confident in doing a healing session, see the root problem of the person and know exactly how to work energetically with them. So many secrets are not revealed by others as I do in my courses.

Can anyybody become an Energy Healer?

Yes everybody can become an Energy Healer. What happens is that some people have innate abilities and some need to acquire them. It is important to say that not all healers have the same vibration and power, If you want to do a comparison, it is like playing the piano. Everybody can learn, but not everybody will become a Beethoven, Chopin or Mozart.

Will I be confident after your courses?

Yes. You will know how to do a healing session, detect the problems and combine all the tools I teach. Of course the rest of your life, the same as I do you will need to continue to learn more and more thanks to the experience with your Clients.

Can you guarantee to a person that the healing works for the purpose the person comes to see you?

No, never. I never guarantee anything by working with energy healing. The person can try and see if she receives any benefits.

Can everybody study with you and become a Master Energy Healer?

No, not everybody. With my experience I have learnt who can learn with me. The person may start and reach level 1 or 2, but if I do consider that the person does not have to continue having my initiations I will invite them to find another Energy Healing Method. I am responsible about the knowledge that person acquires and the love energy of the person. If there is jealousy, lack of love, control with power and lack of honesty I will not allow them to continue with me. This is a person decision and when I teach and the person registers I say it very clear.. The purpose of the person is to work with love, that does not mean that they need to take advantage of him or her.

How do I know if this course is for me?

First of all see if you feel passion for the content of the course.

Second if you feel the passion for the course and to learn the skills, do you have passion in helping people?

Third do you base your love in trust and love or do you have issues as rage, anger, jealousy, ….? If that is the case you may consider to receive healing sessions and decide after that.

Fourth, do you really want to learn this unique healing modality? Ask you soul, your higher self. Do not ask you mind only. Share the voice of your mind and your soul and decide with your feelings.

You will have the best answer for you if you do not only trust your logic and mind.

Are there any exams?

No. There are no exams, but you will need to provide 4 cases study after level 1. Two will be a face to face healing session and the other 2 distance healing.

I will also do a following and see how you are performing.